Ancient Dignity- Tree of Peace

Honoring the cultural significance, endurance, and adaptation of the bison and the people, the raised Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) patterns represent:

* Tree of Peace Wampum Belt, also called the Wing or Dust Fan, represents the everlasting tree of peace. It symbolizes the permanence of The Iroquois Confederacy. It is said to be a great white pine tree, and was planted when the Peacemaker came to visit our people and bring
the good message of peace, power, and righteousness.
Under the white roots, which spread in all four directions,
all the weapons of our people were buried for purposes of
creating an everlasting peace.

* Two Row Wampum Belt was the 1st agreement with George Washington.
The two parallel white rows symbolized the Iroquois agreement welcoming the Europeans to this land: two paths or two vessels, traveling down the same river together, side by side, but never interfering in the internal affairs of the other. “We will travel down the river of life together. Each in our boats, respecting the laws of nature. Linked by peace and friendship forever.”
Chief Irving Powless Jr -Onondaga Nation

This bison is a hand-wrought cut copper assemblage welded in both copper wire and hard silver solder, each hair individually welded on and styled. Raised symbols were hand cut, welded, ground, and polished. It is mounted on California brownstone.

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