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Turtle Storyteller


My Turtle Storyteller is a teacher, surrounded by his little students, holding a book (the "new way") and a staff (the "old way") with raised symbols of the Iroquois Prayer of Thanksgiving (The Words That Come Before All Else). All the things we should be thankful for everyday: 4 Winds, Thunderers,Sun, Grandmother Moon, Stars, People, Mother Earth, Waters, Fish, Grasses, Medicine Herbs, Flowers Food Plants, Animals, Trees, Birds, and the Creator... who is at the bottom because He holds us all up. The turtle taught us patience and never to give up. Turtle is seen as strength and solidarity- old and wise and well respected. Turtle is one of the three clans of the Oneida Nation. Every turtle has 13 main squares and 28 little squares around the outer edge…there are 13 full moons in a calendar year, one every 28 days…and so every turtle has the whole calendar on their shell!! We planted, harvested, and celebrated our food with each full moon. The Lightning(Thunderers) symbol on his chest honors our Grandfathers, who can be loud, but they bring the rain to water Mother Earth. After the Great Flood, it was Turtle who offered his shell as a foundation in the Oneida creation story…and because of this, we call North America “Turtle Island”. This sculpture is a hand-wrought cut copper assemblage welded in hard silver, given a verdigris patina, and then polished.
20.00" h x 11.00" w x 11.00" d
Original piece is unavailable here.

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