Steve Skipper

Up and Away

Once in a very long while an Athlete does something phenomenal. Something out of the ordinary realms of athleticism. When a 6’2” 230 pound Running back approaches a Defensive Player, everyone in the stands, watching on television, on the sidelines, and on the field expects a collision or quick move to avoid the tackle.

No one expects the Running back to take flight, leave his feet, and glide over the top of the defender, landing on two feet, only to take off running further down the field. Such a Player is Najee Harris. His extraordinary exploits leave the audience speechless and the Defenders in shame. Artist Steve R. Skipper has captured Najee in historic flight in his new Original Painting and Limited Edition entitled “Up and Away”. His first in his exclusive series of two will stir your memories a Najee and inspire you to leap over whatever obstacles you face.

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