Valerie Pantalone Art

Purple Haze

Acrylic on Mood Mat (Recycled Rubber)
12" x 12" in.

What are mood mats for?
A mood mat, also known as a bong mat, is the perfect way to protect your table as well as your gear while smoking. The most well-made bongs can still leave marks on a table, even scratching it, if set down a little too roughly. These are highly collectible items.

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This is part of my study of the hemp plant. I wanted to show the world that it is a beautiful plant and we should not be afraid of it. It has helped millions of people including myself get their life back from chronic pain. It is not only a drug but a living being that does wonders for human beings. I want people to get comfortable with the plant first so I would slowly get zoom down to a microscopic level. Explaining all the details and beauty, This close-up is to show the hemp plant when it is flowering, ready for harvest. I painted it on an unconventional surface, one to see what it was like. Second, this is a tool used in cannabis use, I wanted to show a part of cannabis culture that people collect for their artwork. I wanted to be a part of that art collecting.

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