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Madonna Shasta Daisy

Purity and simplicity encompass this beautiful Madonna Shasta Daisy watercolor. With elegance in every brush stroke the beautiful painting gives any wall a touch of grace.

Fun Daisy facts:
• The Daisy means purity, innocence, new beginnings, joy and
cheerfulness. It is a wonderful flower to give anew mom as it is
a symbol of new beginnings and new birth.
• They are closely related to artichokes! So, they are full of
vitamin C. Who knew?
• They grow all over the world except in very cold climates.
• Daisies are also medicinal known as chamomile.
• They bring great joy and smiles like the sun.
• There are two rows of petals, an outer row and an inner row.
• This is not only a beautiful flower but it is also considered a
weed. It can grow just about anywhere and in a multitude of
growing conditions.
• Where many flowers are edible, the Daisies leaves and plant are
what is most consumed.

Daisies have always looked like the sun to me. They need eyes and a smile to make a complete composition. Just to see these them grow in the ditches out by the farm or along houses in town make me smile. Because of their fragrance I don’t gather them in a vase but now that I know they are healthy I’ll think about pulling out the vase.

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