ilene reed


This artwork is a realistic painting that features a family of lions. The dominant figure in the painting is an adult lion with a full, bushy mane, rendered in shades of golden-yellow, brown, and gray. This lion's mane frames its head magnificently as it displays a fierce expression, with its mouth open in a roar or growl, showcasing its teeth.

In the foreground are two lion cubs. One cub is cowering down, with its body turned towards the adult lion. It has its mouth open as if it's miming the roar of the adult lion, which could be interpreted as a playful imitation. The other cub is sitting up, looking slightly to the side, playfully chewing on the adult lion's tail and it seems more pensive or subdued in comparison with its companion. Its paw is raised, adding to the sense of motion and activity within the scene.

The background is relatively simple and dark, with what might be a hint of grass at the bottom, providing a setting that emphasizes the lions. The use of lighting in the painting enhances the texture of the animals' fur and adds depth to the composition. The overall mood is one of intensity and energy, with an intimate glimpse into the dynamics of the lion family.

Little lion cubs testing the limits of their fathers' patience. One playful cub has decided to play with his tail. The pride that plays together, stays together.

The original Oil painting is 22"W x 28"H x 1.5"D on gallery wrap linen.

A copy of this painting is available as a Giclee, signed and numbered. There is a limited edition of 50. All Giclee Prints are shipped ready for hanging or framing. Please specify mounting preferences. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Call with questions at 303-570-0357.

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