Doreen E. Valenza, American Southwest Artist

Power of One Series: She Walks in Beauty

One can make a difference….. One can become more… one by one!
When I was working on this series I felt that these faces starring back at me were powerful and fierce and I wondered where was I going with these images. They slowly evolved by the addition of several symbolic images- Crosses, Birds & feathers.

Crosses dividing the face - We are all two spirits the good and evil, the yes & no.

Birds- I put birds on the eyes- Birds eye view of life! They are soaring through the sky with their eyes wide open! I like the old saying “See the soul through ones eyes”
I read that 2 crows are good luck and that the thunderbird is the bird of happiness.

Feathers: In different Native American communities, the feather has many different meanings. It represents wisdom, spirituality, honor, respect, energy and also represents the sky and air. Different tribes- different meanings.

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