Dana Chavez | This artist is a member of SWAIA.org South Western Association for Indian Arts
My name is Dana Chavez from Santo Domingo Pueblo NM. I'm 30 years old, and been around jewelry makers since I was little. I come from generations of jewelry makers on both sides of my family. I've learned most of my lapidary skills and silversmith skills from my parents, whom I began helping out and learning the basics of lapidary work since I was in middle school. After I graduated high school I began my own path of creating my own work of art. Although I had a passion for the health care field and had completed schooling in that field. I grew up being taught the importance of learning how to make jewelry as another means of living, and another way of providing for my family the way my parents provided for me, and there parents before them, from generation to generations. I began from the basics, making slab earring and making heshi, as well as choker necklaces. I was also learning how to work with metals as a silversmith from my father for the first part of my jewelry making career. I continued learning more and trying to master those skills up until I met my boyfriend of several years, Eldred Pacheco. Eldred is also from Santo Domingo Pueblo, and also started out jewelry making since he was young, learning from his family members with skills passed down from generations as well. He then created his own unique inlay design consisting of the square designs cut from natural stones you see in the inlay work today. As we began further in our journey, creating a life and family together, Eldred was generous and loving enough to teach me his design of inlay work. Combined with his skills he passed down to me and the skills I acquired from my family, the creations resulted in beautiful and unique contemporary designs mixed with traditional work you see in the jewelry creations today. Over the years, the creations have bloomed into beautiful pieces of true art in the making. Art that reflects our vibrant love for one another and our love for our families. So vibrantly as the colors carefully chosen in each piece that’s created, so that each person who purchases any piece can surely see how much time, dedication, love, and patience has gone into ever single piece created. I will be forever grateful to those who helped make these beautiful designs possible and I hope you will surely enjoy them too.

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