Gerard & Mary L Calabaza | This artist is a member of South Western Association for Indian Arts
Gerard Calabaza was born to Pula & Delpanita Calabaza on March 3 1966. Mary was born to Raymond & Reyes Nieto on July 26 1964. Both are families are jewelry makers, Gerard learned to make multicolor heshi necklaces from his parents when he was only 13 years old. whom his parents are very well-know heshi designers and creator since 1970"s who first developed the multicolor heshi. I have been making jewelry and pottery with my parents since the age of 12. I was taught the techniques of drilling, slicing and grinding of stones. As I married into Calabaza's I was no stranger to the hands on work and was introduced to making Multicolor Heshi. Gerard and I are proud of our work we create each day together and we encourage our sons to carry on the family traditions. We too are becoming famous with our work, for instance we made a Mosaic Inlay Necklace collier for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg. We started off as small business sales selling in front of Lorreto Chapel in Santa Fe NM in 2001. Than in 2003 we became an Artists members at The Palace of Governors Museum and sold our jewelry year round. Until we applied to SWAIA Indian Market in 2015 our first year sold out on our jewelry, didn't knew we could enter pieces of our work to be judged till the following year. 2016 entered 2 pieces both got ribbons "First Pace" & "Honorable Mention" our family was over joyed with our accomplishment on our work. That year Gerard started on Mosaic Inlay work taught himself by watching his uncle do Thunderbirds. After the second year and up to 2019 we both have been receiving Ribbons. And attending show statewide, we have buyers local and in the US and also International Japan, Paris, and Switzerland. Its very exciting when it come to selling your artwork telling the customers on how it starts from raw materials to finishing a piece. We hope you'll take your time to browse our website and see our article we posted that was featured on "The New Mexican " newspaper. We will continue our work which has been passed on among our people for generations, it is our way of life among our people in the village as to how we survive and support our families.

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