Quinton Antone | This artist is a member of SWAIA.org South Western Association for Indian Arts
Quinton is a Tohono O’odham/Kiowa multimedia artist who was born and raised in Sells AZ on the Tohono O’odham reservation. Quinton creates 3D and 2D pieces with different mediums and methods that are both tangible and conceptual in nature inspired by traditional designs and craft elements of his Native American Culture. By secularizing ceremonial elements and designs in his artwork, he is able to create spiritual concepts all can understand. Quinton’s experience through his art is to express stories and folk lore of the Native American people from past to present. Quinton was inspired by has and late wife Emma Jeffries who encouraged Quinton to create jewelry and the couple started EQ designs. Unfortunately Emma lost her battle her 6-year battle with breast cancer February 2020. His intention as an artist is to develop a unique style and signature in these traditional craft and themes and to continue to expand to new media styles, outlets and to continue the EQ brand alive.

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