Deana Ward | This artist is a member of South Western Association for Indian Arts
Deana Ward (Choctaw) was born and raised in Durant, OK. She attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in the hopes of being a therapist. After receiving encouragement to become a psychologist she attended Oklahoma State University and graduated in 2006 with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She currently works in community mental health in Denison, TX. Deana is the mother of five children: Alyssa, Lauren, Gabrielle, Brett, and Hiloha. Her granddaughter Mila is the most recent and precious addition to the family. Deana has been beading for five years. She wanted a pair of earrings and could not find beadwork that appealed to her personal aesthetic so she set out to make her own jewelry. Her work consists mostly of bead embroidery. Most of her work is a personal reflection of her life as a Choctaw woman and relationships. Personal, creative goals would be to venture into mainstream haute couture. The ultimate goal is for little Native children to see that pursuing their dreams and goals is possible. Artwork is healing. Deana would like to see it expand and broaden into the dominant culture so other Natives can see it as a way to make a meaningful life and profit as well. With this in mind, teaching beadwork to children and adolescents is in the near future.

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