Juanica Crespin | This artist is a member of SWAIA.org South Western Association for Indian Arts
I am Juanica Cyrielle crespin an artist from santo Domingo/san felipe Pueblo started creating art as a kid, always been inspired by art experimenting and mixing different mediums, colors and techniques. All my years in the process of teaching myself acrylic was the choice of paint when it came to paintings. Growing up in a creative family allowed me not to be afraid working with different materials, Such as lapidary work adding nature on to my paintings. I was moved by the majestic ancestral puebloan "the ancient people" by capturing the awe-inspiring peaceful way of life. Art always allowed me to express myself, Creating not just for myself but for anyone who connects in their unique way, giving me more passion to keep Creating. 2019 was my first year into the swaia Indian market, such an accomplishment for myself as an artist to be apart of the largest market and a place where native American art and culture meets the world. Going into my 2nd year of the swaia Indian market gives me a bigger vision and inspiration for the future to come.

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