Gabriel Paloma

Polychrome Double Canteen with Leather Strap

Gabriel Paloma
This artist is a member of South Western Association for Indian Arts
This front protrusion canteen has a smaller structure canteen is attached to one another. They often look like two canteens, these forms were well popular " many of the examples we have examined look as though they were well used when collected for the BAE between 1879-1884, there are no examples likely to have been made after about 1885" according to D. Lanmon & F. Harlow. This double Paloma canteen houses the design of one of the ancient villages of Zuni. It has the Matsaki motifs of the sun, moon, and other nature elements that represents how they conveyed life in ancient times like we do with nature today. Signed: Paloma 2/2023 Zuni, N.M.

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