Artspan presents the 2020 Santa Fe Indian Market

Artspan will be hosting the online edition of the 2020 Santa Fe Indian Market.

Featuring hundreds of Native artists from the USA and Canada.

For the first time in over 90 years, the Santa Fe Indian Market is not going to take place in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

But, don't worry too much if you had planned to attend.  The entire market is moving online! is proud to be working with and the Clark Hulings Fund,  to take this event online.   We are all working very hard together to make this the best experience possible.

All the art you love to browse will be photographed, priced, and placed online at   We know that this is not the true experience of the Indian Market.  But this is also a whole new way for Native American artists to take charge of their own destiny, and sell their beautiful, unique artwork directly to the entire world.   With no commission, no take - set your price, that's what you get.  This art is so beautiful that we don't think it needs to be in just one place, for one weekend.  These items are produced from incredible workmanship, passion, and dedication, and should be something collectors can view all year long.  These are intensely beautiful artworks that we believe should be seen in the homes of art lovers and collectors the world over. 

So, even if you have never been to Santa Fe - please visit there soon.  In the meantime, Artspan will be showing you the greatest ever collection of Native American art for sale: online and affordable.  


How it Works:

Artspan is providing individual artist websites for each of the Indian Market participants, and we are also providing a 0% commission marketplace to help connect a worldwide audience with these great artists.
We don't make crazy complicated websites that need a coder or technical help to set up and maintain.  We build simple, elegant websites for artists that showcase their work, get it seen, and get it sold.  And we have a wonderful community as well.   
Our aim at Artspan is always that the artist comes first.  We all want each other to succeed.   This is our passion.  This is how we want to change the world.

Unlike other website providers and art marketplaces,  Artspan is focused on the experience and the expression of the artists themselves.  Our marketplace is not a profit-making venture, it is our gift to our artists:  to connect the artist with the art lover.
We are very, very proud to add a whole new type of art, and a whole new community of artists, to 

The marketplace begins on August 1.  Visit to find out more.



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