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Facebook advice for artists

Make Facebook Work For Your Art
Exposure and Community
Facebook is a great way to get your art seen, not just by your friends, but by a broader audience of art-lovers and collectors, an audience which you can carefully target. It's also a good chance to be part of a community of artists who can share their stories, their advice, and their creativity. 
A Facebook Page Devoted to Your Art
We recommend that you create a Facebook business page dedicated solely to your artwork. Post your artwork, and be sure to link back to your Artspan website. Mix it up; share favorite quotes, personal messages, and photos from your gallery showings and events. Create albums with photographs detailing the progress of specific artworks. By updating consistently, you keep followers interested, and when they share and like your posts they help you promote your art. You can also boost your posts to target the audience most likely to respond to your work.
Connect to your Artspan Website
Once you create your FB page connect it to your Artspan website. An icon will appear on your Home Page that will allow people to follow you.
1. In your Control Panel click on "Marketing & Stats." 
2. Click on "Allow Visitors to Follow Me on Facebook/Twitter And Other Social Media Sites"
3. Click "edit" next to Your Facebook ID/Username
4. If you have created a FB page for your art: Log in and visit your FB page. Click on 'About.' At the bottom of the 'Page Info' list, look at the value for "Facebook Page ID." Enter this number here.
[If you have a FB personal profile (rather than a page just for your art): Log in to FB and click on your name in the upper right hand corner. You should be taken to your profile page. Then, look at the "Address" or URL of the page that you are on, it should resemble the following: - enter "jane.smith" into this box.] 
5.Save info
While you're here, don't forget to allow people to share your pages and to "Pin" and "Like" your work.
Join the Artspan Facebook Community
Artspan is on Facebook! We use FB to feature our artists: we share your work in collections, interviews and articles. Artspan is different from any other website provider because we're a community of artists from all over the world, and our FB page helps us to celebrate your work. We also share art news from around the world, news from our members, art-selling tips, and stories to inspire and amuse. "Like" our page and follow us to see what's going on in the Artspan community. Let us know if you're on Artspan and we'll follow your page as well.
Need help? [email protected]

Another great option to get your work out on Social Media is Instagram. It's free, and easy to use. It's perfect for artists because it's an entirely visual medium.  Upload finished work or works-in-progress. Be sure to tag your work with lots of hashtags, including your name, your artspan site, medium, subject, etc. Follow artists, art websites, and art museums, and hopefully they'll follow you back.

Artpsan is on Instgram! Follow us and let us know your IG handle so we can follow you back. 

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