Sell Your Art Online

The first part of our series of Marketing Advice for artists

We live in a digital world. 

To sell art and stay in touch with collectors, you have to be online. 

You need your own branded website in addition to social media.


Some basics: build your website + your brand.  

  • The best guarantee that your site will present you and your work in an interesting and informative way is to set it up yourself.
    Many website builder companies allow you to do this, and most offer free trials. Artspan offers websites specific to artist needs (since 1999), and we continually update.  

  • Every aspect of your site projects your brand. Images, design choices, bio, artist statement, ecommerce package and domain name.
    Try to come up with a look that suits your art. Take the time to learn the tools and it will be easy to maintain. Add interesting and informative copy - but not too much! Visitors are there for the art. 
  • Domains should be short and easy to remember. They are important for both visitors and for Google
    It's always best if your domain name includes your name, if possible. (e.g. or or 
  • Make your site user-friendly. 
    For ex, gallery names can lead to art categories: i.e. Landscapes or Tuscan landscapes or Large Oils or Prints. Or separate by date. If your statement refers to specific pieces, link back to them (open the image page and copy the link from the browser window. Then paste the link into your written copy).  

Once your site has been set up, have our staff take a look. We have a lot of experience and may have some tips.

  • Social media outreach via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter should be an extension of your site, not a replacement.
    Your Facebook posts should always link back to your site for more info on the art and on you or on any exhibits or special offers.   
  • Make it easy for visitors to buy your art.
    You need a shopping cart on your site so as to allow buyers to easily buy. Another key feature is to offer Prints-on-Demand (PoD) which Introduces your work to new collectors at a lower price point.

    Both carts and PoD are integrated into Artspan sites. The Prints option allows you to sell multiples of original paintings. You set prices and sizes. The buyer mats and frames the print online, and Artspan handles the billing and ships. There is no commission on sales through your site

With an Artspan artist website, you can build your brand and further your career. The Artspan Control Panel is easy-to-use, and we offer friendly and expert assistance for any questions. You control every aspect of your site plus your work also shows in the Shops.

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