Selena Valenti Fine Art


Oil and Acrylic on Panel

The course of most people’s lives follow a similar path. When we are children, we view our world with wonder and innocence through eyes full of love and acceptance. The world is a place full of harmony and dreams waiting to be explored. As we become more socially aware beings and gain experience, we begin to battle with the very real obstacles of life but also with our own internal struggles of craving and self doubt. This can feel as though we’ve descended a murky path and struggle to move forward like we are trapped in mud. Whether we exist in this state for years or lifetimes, depends on our fortitude to continually adapt and to persevere. We become like a lotus spending our days seeking the sun and then closing at night only to be reborn the next morning. Finding real happiness is a an enlightenment that can only be achieved through a long mindful journey to chip away at the confines of our self imposed prisons to reveal our purest altruistic selves.

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