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Sea Lion Women And Mermaids Doing Autopsies On Things As The Bad Ass In The Corner Looks On

"Sea Lion Women and Mermaids Doing Autopsies on Things as the Bad Ass in the Corner Looks On."
By Romani American Artist J.A. George AKA; The GYPSY

Original 24" x 18" Oil Painting on Gallery Stretch Canvas. The back of the painting is signed and dated by the artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This painting was inspired by the writings of The Baroness Ampersand who once mused; "On the cassette tape, my brother had written Sea Lion Women instead of See The Lying Women. As the miles passed by my thoughts were carried away thinking of Sea Lion Women and Mermaids doing Autopsies on things under the ocean." Later in the same essay, she described her Father as; "The Bad Ass in the corner waiting for her and her brother to mess up." I thought; I can do something with that! And I did!


“Art must evoke an emotion in order to be art. If it only creates indifference then it is not art, it is garbage!” -The GYPSY-

Ten percent of All Proceeds From This Artwork Goes To Support Topeka Bible Church whose mission work helps to improve the lives of people worldwide. Find out more at

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