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Romani Messiah: Tattered Canvas

"Romani Messiah: Tattered Canvas"
By Romani American Artist J.A. George AKA; The GYPSY

The original Acrylic Painting Is 24" x 18" On Gallery Stretch Canvas. The back of the painting is signed and dated by the artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Based on A Photo From The National Geographic Society's Book "Gypsies: Wanderers Of The World".

He is the Salvation of his people. He keeps and honors traditions. He understands the old ways. He knows that new isn't always good but neither is old. He is willing to move ahead into his future simply. As he travels he teaches the young ones the way that their ancestors understood all too well. He realized, as a child listening to the wisdom of the elders, that life is not about just survival it is about living. He knows the song of the road as his horses pull his Vardo along to places visited and yet to be visited. He tells his stories to all who listen; stories that echo the truth from the beginning of time. He is not divine yet he is a Messiah because he carries with him all that life and Gypsies were meant to be. He leaves his mark on those whose path he has crossed. Those people are forever changed yet he will remain unchanged; This Romani Messiah and his Tattered Canvas.

“Art must evoke an emotion in order to be art. If it only creates indifference then it is not art, it is garbage!” -The GYPSY-

Ten percent of All Proceeds From This Artwork Goes To Support Topeka Bible Church whose mission work helps to improve the lives of people worldwide. Find out more at

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