Donald Sockyma

Patung (Squash Katsina)

Donald Sockyma
This artist is a member of South Western Association for Indian Arts
Squash Katsina
The Squash Katsina appears during early spring as racer Katsina. Running is a big part of Hopi tradition. He races any challengers that would like to partake in the races. His pose is looking looking for a challenger with his head slightly turned. He also brings gifts for the challengers which they receive win or lose. His purpose is to bring blessings for a bountiful Harvest for the upcoming planting season. Below him are the "Squash Blossom Maidens" with the different types of squash grown. She is the caretaker of the seeds. She is the female part of the plant that reproduces the squash.

Doll Size- 11 5/8"
Base - 2 3/8"
Base Width- 5"
Width- 5"
Total Height- 14"
Price- $3,500

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