Dale Weber

Artificium Antiquorum

This piece now resides in the Galactic Museum of Planetary Cultures labeled simply as Artifact No. 20210604. The placard reads as follows:

Object: Bronze Idol
Origin: Planet Terra
Culture: Felisean
Circa: 1500 BA - 500 BA*
*(Before Apocalypse)

Despite the encrustation and corrosion, this ancient bronze idol is a fine representation of the domestic deity, Puss’ems, known for bestowing health and happiness upon her devotees. Most families had household shrines consisting of small votive offerings of icons and figurines. Due to the size and workmanship of this particular example, it is believed the site upon which it was found is that of a temple. Each of these temples were officiated by a high priestess known as the Divinely Touched Lady of the Cat.

Incorporated into Puss'ems diadem is her companion known as Burp. This entity has many incarnations which take the form of a variety of small creatures. Here we see Burp in its avian form. In Felisean mythology. He serves as an alternating source of amusement and annoyance. Burp also provides her with nourishment and often indigestion.

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