Victoria Glass Contemporary ART

Darkness Meets Light

A fine line between night and day. Sometimes it merges together and we have to decide which way to go. Heaven or Hell, you decide.

I paint on Plexiglas, and unlike canvas, this is a clear, transparent acrylic. I use multiple layers of glass paint and alcohol ink , working with a blending solution, tools and brushes to achieve the desired effect I want.
I coat the finished painted side àwith white transparent acrylic and then varnish it with Kamar Varnish and UV Resistant spray. It will not be affected by wall surface or wall color.
I coil wire it so it is ready to hang frameless. It can also be framed, just like a canvas painting but no backing board is needed.
The painting is viewed from the unpainted side, creating a striking visual impact of color and luminosity.

Free Shipping and each painting is professionally packaged and insured so it arrives safely.

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