Donald Sockyma

Chaveyo Ogre ( 1st Place in Contemporary Pueblo Wooden Carvings Heard Museum Indian Martket 2021)

Donald Sockyma
This artist is a member of South Western Association for Indian Arts
*2021 Heard Museum Indian Market 1st place Winner in Contemporary Pueblo Wooden Carvings*
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Chaveyo Ogre
By Donald Sockyma
The Chaveyo Ogre appears during the summer plaza dances and serves as a disciplinarian, a leader, a preacher, a teacher, a purifier and above all a bringer of rain for the dry Farmed crops. The Chaveyo Ogre Katsina serves as a disciplinarian and used to frighten the very naughty children who aren't behaving. He will even get mad at adults for their behaviors that are not living the Traditional way of Hopi Life. The Chaveyo is the Uncle of the Kipok Katsina’s and the main leader when it comes time to make war on the clowns. He serves as a preacher to preach the Hopi way of life and how it can bring balance to ones soul and mind. He serves as a teacher when he teaches the people how to behave, how to speak in the traditional language, and how to teach and remind the people the rules and meanings of the ceremonies. An Uncle in Hopi tradition is the disciplinarian and is there to bring order out of chaos. He talks in a fast, harsh tone. The sword comes from Spanish invaders and also from the US Army. In this case I made him with a staff with shells which he stamps to make intimidating noises. Should any Hopi fail to meet his obligations in community work or transgress the unspoken rules of conduct for the village, Chaveyo will show him the error of his ways. He is very intimidating when he appears. He has long mangled hair across his face in which he pulls aside to peer into the crowd of spectators ready to strike with a Yucca whip. His eyes bulge in anger as he makes intimidating noises with his voice and a Turtle shell that makes noise when he stamps or walks. He is one of the few Katsina’s that speaks. He can be seen on all three Mesas. In a deeper meaning, the symbols on his cheeks and mouth are friendship symbols. And his long hair represents rain, which gives life and nourishment for the Dry Farmed Crops. Even though he may look scary, he is your friend and uses tough love to get you back on the right path. Chaveyo has much power and Authority and he appears in almost every Pueblo from The Hopi to the San Juan in the Rio Grande Valley Which is why at the end of each ceremony he is the one that receives the Traditional cornmeal offering that contain the prayers of the people. I chose to make this piece because he is the answer to our prayers to make it through this pandemic. He lets us know to keep disciplined and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It makes me sad that we can’t have our ceremonies, but Chaveyo appears to us to let us know we are not alone and that the Katsina’s will always be watching over us. It is said that his yucca whip contains a powerful purification and when used it is said to purify your mind, soul, and health which we all need. His yucca whip is said to release the bad spirits that might be inside of you causing you mind, soul, spiritual and health problems.

Materials: Carving knives, Sandpaper, Acrylic water color paint, Temperaturized Wood burner, Linseed Oil, and Cottonwood Root.

Dimensions: Height-12”x 4" x 4"
*This Katsina is Made From A One Piece Carving Technique.
Price$ 3,500.00

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