Ancient Dignity- American Legacy

Honoring the bison for it's unparalleled historical and cultural significance, strength, adaptation, and endurance. Ancient Dignity is adorned with symbols of the Iroquois: 6 Stars (Six Iroquois Nations also known as the Haudenosaunee), Two Row Wampum Belt (journey side by side/ 1st agreement with George Washington), the Thunderers/Lightning (Grandfathers who are loud and bring the rain), and an Eagle (a protector with great vision to watch over all Nations and carry messages to and from the people to the Creator.
The Bison is the official mammal of the U.S.A. and the Eagle is the official bird of the U.S.A..
This award winning sculpture is a hand-wrought cut copper assemblage welded in both copper wire and hard silver solder. Each hair was individually welded on one at a time, styled, and then trimmed.

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