Debbie Friis-Pettitt Watercolors

A Rose in Winter #1

The cool blues and purples help set off the vibrant pinks and reds, creating a beautiful contrast. I used my brush to build up layers of color while blending with water, so I could create a subtle gradient effect across the painting. The result is an incredibly realistic-looking representation of these flowers in their natural environment.

I love how this painting captures the beauty of a cold winter day in the desert. The subtle light and soft shadows set off the vivid colors perfectly, creating an atmosphere that feels almost magical. I'm proud of how realistic it looks; it reminds me of how rewarding and enjoyable painting can be. It also serves as an inspiration for my other works, and it's a reminder that I can make something beautiful even in the depths of winter.

​Painting this series of roses has definitely been one of my most rewarding projects to date. It was an experiment to see how much detail I could achieve with four colors, and I'm thrilled with the results. I'm excited to see where else painting can take me, and I hope this painting will be an inspiration to anyone looking to try watercolor.

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  • Debbie Friis-Pettitt
    By: Debbie Friis-Pettitt on Mar 24 2021
    Good morning Sandra, I am so glad you like this piece! I include shipping with the purchase price. I do except checks also. This is one of my favorite pieces. My major art show; La Quinta in California is delayed until November and I would be excited for you to have this piece. Let me know if you would like to proceed. Debbie (928) 273-0541 if you would like to chat.