Donald Sockyma

Hemis Katsina

Donald Sockyma
This artist is a member of South Western Association for Indian Arts
The Hemis Katsina is probably the most beautiful and best known of all Hopi Katsinas. His elaborate headdress, called a tableta, is partly responsible for his beauty. His body is painted with black corn smut with light colored half moons on the chest. He wears a kilt, which has been elaborately embroidered. The tableta is painted with phallic and cloud symbols and capped with feathers. He appears in the Home Dance or Niman Ceremony. No other katsinas, neither clowns nor side dancers appear with the line of Hemis except the Hemis Manas.
Materials: Carving knives, Sandpaper, Acrylic water color paint, Temperaturized Wood burner, Linseed Oil, and Cottonwood Root.
Technique: This Carving is made from a one piece carving technique.
Awards-Best of Classification Pueblo Wooden Carvings Heard Museum Indian Market 2019, !st Place Pueblo Wooden Carvings Heard Museum Indian Market 2019

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