Donald Sockyma

Hototo (Badger Katsina)

Donald Sockyma
This artist is a member of South Western Association for Indian Arts
The Hototo or Badger Katsina can be seen in all Mesas on the Hopi Reservation. Mainly he is seen during the Bean and Mixed Katsina Dances. Badgers are a symbol of strength and medicine.
Mo/Year Completed: March 2015 Dimensions: 17”, 7 ¾”, 7 ½”
Materials: Carving knives, Sandpaper, Acrylic water color paint, Temperaturized Wood burner, Linseed Oil, and Cottonwood Root.
Technique: This Carving is made from a one piece carving technique. A True One Piece Carving.
Honorable Mention Award Winner Heard Museum Indian Market.

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