Dale Weber

It Came From Planet TV-9

It is a Saturday afternoon sometime in the 1950's. You are laying in front of the Philco television wearing your decoder ring. As instructed last week you have "tuned in; same time, same station". Uh, oh! *Please Stand By* Something has gone haywire. What is that green smoke filling the living room?... "To be continued next week"

So begins your journey to the Land of Nostalgia. It was a time years before the first real rocket was ever launched and scriptwriters relied upon imagination alone.

This piece is comprised of vintage objects from those early days. The flying saucers are constructed from various TV knobs and the rocket ships are painted audio tubes. The space 'repairmen' and the Halloween paper mask are also from this time period.

May you enjoy your trip as much as I have enjoyed being your guide. Happy landings, Space Cadet.

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