Art Donovan

New Illuminated Sculptures


Four months to design and build. Entirely handmade from maple, brass, Lucite and steel. Not a single re-purposed part- right down to the handmade antennae.

An homage to the iconic 1959 Philco "Predicta". Now here with a completely original base unit design, as well as an original top deck design. It features a vintage-styled, "on-off" switch with pilot light in the double-antennae. All designed and hand-built.

Hand painted in matte cream white and iridescent honey maple which glows with a golden hue.

The Illuminated Moon is a 3D LED unit (a commercial unit) with a wireless remote that is contained in a hidden compartment in the base unit. Multi-color and brightness controls are in the hand unit. The 3D Moon slowly rotates inside the "TV Screen" at a hypnotic 1 RPM.

The front of the base features a vintage fabric in black, gray, gold and tan. In the center is a large convex lens behind which an illuminated image of "Gort" appears. There is a 3D moire fabric in front of Gort that makes the image swirl and move as if it were broadcast in a vintage black and white TV screen. To the right is an illuminated "LUNATIVO" logo behind Lucite.

In the rear of the base unit, there is an LED spot light (behind a Lucite dome) which illuminates the wall to dramatic effect, creating it's own back wash glow on the wall. This effect is always seen in product photography but never available in the actual piece. The rear light can be natural white or dichroic purple with an orange halo. The "Fins" on the left side are available in either silver or white ( boht colors are shown).

The Base Unit is completed by hand carved, Scandinavian-style legs.

One of a kind and never to be duplicated. A completely original "Atomic Age" Masterpiece. Art Donovan. Donovan Design.

This design is SOLD. Similar designs will be available, Spring 2002.

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