Heather Lara

Captivity 3 ~ Willow

As with the other pieces in this series, the idea came as I looked through the photos from a daily shoot. It can be frustrating to try and take reference photos through chain link and often times my references are only useful to me as an artist and not a great photo I could frame. Willow is a great subject, this is the second work featuring her, and I'm fascinated by the juxtaposition of her wild nature while seeming so similar to her domestic cousins. I captured this serene moment in the sunlight thinking I would just work around the chain link I was shooting through but the shadow of the fence had it's own sort of beauty. This series has evoked many different responses in the audience, many rail against the animal behind bars, they say that it should be free. I feel that the reality is more complicated than that. Until we as a society stop killing these animals for sport, decimating their habitats, trying to raise them as pets, 50 years from now, captivity may be the *only* place these animals can survive. Until then education and conservation is key, and these beautiful creatures are no less beautiful or wild for their incarceration.

The EFBC is always in need of supporters to their cause! Visit their website at www.cathouse-fcc.org

20" x 16"
Scratchboard and Ink
Original Artwork is Available

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