Heather Lara

Unexpected Guest

This is Fru Fru and his... well, his unexpected guest. At the time I visited Fru Fru he was 18 years old and had been a resident in the Rome Zoo his whole life. He's an old boy but still so handsome. He sat there like this - surveying his kingdom when the pigeon landed. Now, I have one of those cameras that click-click-clicks away when I want it to and I wanted to catch the entire interaction between Fru Fru and his new friend. It was the bird that was the funniest thing because he literally landed with his back to the tiger. And as I snapped away frame for frame the bird slowly looked around until he locked eyes on the tiger. They paused staring at each other for a good ten frames before the pigeon came to his senses and flew away. Fru Fru made a small movement as if to say - that's right, get on outta here! - but then shifted his position a little and looked forward at his adoring fans once more. It was a really neat unexpected moment that you can witness in a zoo if you are patient enough to sit still and watch. If I could include a dialogue with this picture, it would go something like this:

Fru Fru - "Don't make me get up and chase you"
Pigeon - "Oh shit!"

24" x 36"
Scratchboard and Ink
Original Artwork SOLD

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