Selena Valenti Fine Art

Sangue Ritmato

Oil and Acrylic on Panel

I have never been more fascinated by the inner workings of the human body than after I saw the Bodyworlds exhibit. Being able to study our anatomical structures on a system by system basis, and knowing that these were real people, enthralled me. I also had my first direct experience with death at this time when I visited a friend’s dad in the hospital. He had just had a routine stint procedure and spoke with us while he was in recovery. A half hour later, we received the call that he had passed suddenly. Upon our return to the hospital we rushed to his room where his body still lie and the silence was deafening. In place of the familiarity and comfort of bu-bump, bu-bump, bu-bump was a crushing void. It struck me later that while the heart is the most essential singular organ, it is still dependent upon an intricate web of smaller systems in order for us continue to exist.

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