Selena Valenti Fine Art


Oil and Acrylic on Panel

Entelechy(n): the vital principle or essence that guides the development and function of an organism. Aristotle also used it to refer to the soul.

How is it that a flower, one of the most beautiful and vital entities in the world, has one of the shortest lifespans? Can entelechy apply to a stunning flower that lives a few days, a 300 year old tortoise, a plankton, a whale, a human? Do we all share this same drive to exist? A flower can express such unique beauty through its captivating bloom in almost no time at all. Yet, as humans we spend lifetimes struggling to express our own thoughts, desires, and emotions. There is a purity and simplicity to nature’s beauty in which the vibrancy of each individual contributes to the allure of the whole.

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