Richard Arfsten

Colossus by Richard Arfsten

Colossus - maquette. Colossus would make a wonderful design for a large public sculpture. It almost looks like it wants to fly. It would also be a great design for a company that wants to project new ideas.

The maquette makes a strong statement as a desktop piece as well. It will come with a thick, polished stone base that has rough cut sides. It sits loose on the base in case you want to display it in a different fashion.

Maquette size: 13"H x 12"W x 11"D

The price shown is for the maquette only. The rights to enlarge the piece are available, but are NOT included in the sale price of the maquette. In order to enlarge the piece, the buyer enters into a contract with me and a fabricator of their choosing, and assumes financial responsibility for all enlargement and installation costs. I would be paid an additional design fee, based on a percentage of the total cost of the enlargement (similar to the practice used by architects). Please contact me for further information regarding enlargement.

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