Richard Arfsten

Dr. King by Richard Arfsten

This is an example of my ability to work from newspaper clippings and news reel footage. It is extremely difficult to get a likeness when you do not have a model to sit for you. I do portrait commissions in many styles from traditional to abstract to contemporary. Most work is done in clay and then taken to a art foundry and cast in bronze. Other materials I work in are cast iron, aluminum, plaster, hydrostone, concrete, paper mache, and ice.

Recently I have begun to work in stone and wood. Carving a likeness is extremely difficult. It is a thousand times more demanding than modeling clay. Once you take off too much you cannot replace it like you can with clay. It is also a lot harder to move stone than clay.

This bust is heroic size, meaning it is larger than life size. It is cast in hydro stone a very strong man made industrial stone.

Size: 18"H x 10"W

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