Richard Arfsten

Quorum by Richard Arfsten

Quorum - maquette. A quorum is the number (as a majority) of officers or members of a body that when duly assembled is legally competent to transact business. The elements in this piece represent those members.

This is my favorite piece.

The maquette is a 3-dimensional model that is made of solid metal and is used by an art metal fabricator to measure off of to enlarge the piece to a monumental size. Essentially it is a 3 dimensional blue print. The idea is that this model can be sent anywhere in the world and any competent metal working company can build it in the locale where it will be installed. This will save a lot of money in shipping fees, import duties, etc.

Because this is a unique piece, and my most favorite design, the price of this maquette comes with the enlargement rights to insure that it gets enlarged. The sale DOES include enlargement rights. That means the buyer assumes all financial responsibility to have the piece enlarged and installed and my design fee is already included in the price of the maquette. Once the piece is sold as a desk top sculpture only it leaves the body of work that can be enlarged. I want this piece enlarged to a very large size so that is why the price is also big. This piece will be my legacy.

Maquette size: 9-inches High by 12-inches Wide by 8-inches Deep.

Please contact me for further details regarding enlargement.

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